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The Dragonfly is the power of light and straddles the two worlds of spirit and emotion, the messenge

Energy is life

Energy is life. By understanding energy we understand life. When I was looking for structured formal learning back when I was in my early 20’s, the $$ to learn was out of my reach. My learning stagnated and what little confidence I had in psychic energy dropped. It didn’t matter that I had been communing with the elementals since I was a child, or that I had amazing energetic experiences as a teenager and as a young adult. I pursued what I could at 2nd hand bookshops, libraries and IRC chat rooms…remember those? 😉 I was lost in the psychic spiritual sea…and it freaked me out. I was so scared of doing something wrong. Even then I understood the responsibility that comes with energetic work.

Intuitive Choices Australia is making education and awareness available to as many people as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances. Because we are energy, and understanding who and why we are is so very important. It is the understanding that helps us to heal ourselves, walk our truth and live our divinity. 


Intuitive Choices Australia

Education and Awareness is key to a healthy life. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or energetic. However, too often we only hear about the physical, mental or emotional aspects and yet….it is our personal energy that dictates our life of ease or dis-ease! 

Understanding how we work with our own personal energy can be daunting, confronting and in some cases expensive. But it is rewarding, empowering and joyous. 

Our energetic self directly affects our emotional self, which in turn then affects our mental capacities. If left unchecked, our physical bodies then become affected through ailments, dis-ease and dysfunctions. Stress is a prime example of how a physical ailment is brought upon through emotional and/or mental stress…yet can be mitigated by re-connecting with our energetic divine self.  



Our Goal

Raise awareness, educate and support the energetic relationship between all things. 


ICA membership is available to help support you in your energetic journey. When I was at my lowest, everything seemed out of reach...I didn't have the finances to further my energetic education. I learnt bits and pieces from IRC and the rest came from listening to my guides, 2nd hand books and piecing everything together that resonated to me. It was at that time, that I made a promise, I would always help those open to learning and that is what Membership is about....a helping hand for those who need it, regardless of their financial situation. For more information, please enter your email address below.

Our Services



  Reiki is a gentle yet powerful modality that harnesses the universal energy to help clear, align and strengthen our personal Ki or energy.

 It gives us opportunity to experience any of the following and more: 

- a sense of wellbeing and calmness

- ability to focus on day to day needs and future planning

- re-connection with our personal truth mental health holistic medicine reiki healing

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Transformitve Journeys


Transformative Journey Work is facilitated Meditation that brings a deep connection to the healing and teacher guides for your highest good.

Your facilitator guides in you in a deep meditation and while your energy recharges, your facilitator holds energetic  space and channels the messages that your guides wish to share. 

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SEE Therapy


 SEE Therapy has been designed specifically for one on one short term mentoring for transformational life changes. A 4 step program of Acknowledgement, Mapping, Implementation and Celebration of you and your amazing journey of growth.

AMIC-able can help heal old traumas that may be interfering with future emotional, mental or energetic growth. 


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